Three Benefits to Creating a Thesis Statement

There are three main benefits of crafting a good thesis statement when doing any type of essay writing. Two are mainly beneficial to you as the writer while the third benefits the reader of your essay.

  • A thesis statement is the perfect way to see if you have a true point to your essay. It forces you to distill the main idea into just one declarative statement. You have to really think and analyze to come up with a good statement.
  • The second benefit to you as the writer is that a thesis statement helps you to both organize and to develop the argument in your essay. Sometimes it's easy to get off on a tangent when writing but the thesis statement will help you to focus on the one main point you intend to make.

  • A thesis statement will also benefit the reader. It not only tells them where you stand on the topic, but it gives them a guide to what to expect in your essay.
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