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Three Benefits to Creating a Thesis Statement

There are three main benefits of crafting a good thesis statement when doing any type of essay writing. Two are mainly beneficial to you as the writer while the third benefits the reader of your essay.

  • A thesis statement is the perfect way to see if you have a true point to your essay. It forces you to distill the main idea into just one declarative statement. You have to really think and analyze to come up with a good statement.
  • The second benefit to you as the writer is that a thesis statement helps you to both organize and to develop the argument in your essay. Sometimes it's easy to get off on a tangent when writing but the thesis statement will help you to focus on the one main point you intend to make.

  • A thesis statement will also benefit the reader. It not only tells them where you stand on the topic, but it gives them a guide to what to expect in your essay.

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How to Write an Argumentative Thesis Statement

In learning how to write an argumentative thesis statement, it is much easier than a lot of people may think. This type of writing is simply an effective and structured way for a person to present facts and logical reasoning on the ways that a specific statement might be argued.

As there are a few different types of statements that can be written, your first step will be to select the actual type you want to write. Some of the most common examples include an evaluation, an interpretation, a policy proposal, or an opinion. The next and one of the most important steps, is in selecting the topic the thesis statement will be written on. You will then need to make an exploration of the topic you’ve selected to determine the argumentative aspects that are involved.

Each of the different argumentative aspects you have decided on will then need to be separated into columns that allow the positive aspects to easily be seen on one side, and the negative aspects to easily be seen on the other.

Once these have been separated, you will then want to choose a specific point that you believe to be worthy of arguing. In this step, not only will you want to list the positive arguments for the point, but you will also want to list the negative arguments as well. The idea is to successfully choose a point that can easily be expanded a great deal further on, with logical and convincing ideas.

There are of course a wide variety of unique topics that an argumentative thesis statement can be written on. However, if there is not enough aspects that can be acquired to argue the topic, then it is likely not a very good topic to write this type of statement on.

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How to Write a Persuasive Thesis Statement

Unlike a variety of other types of statements that can sometimes be written without the individual having to do any type of research, this is certainly not the case with a persuasive thesis statement. Not only should person writing the statement want to do an adequate amount of research in preparation, but writing these statements also takes a lot of strong writing skills and thoughtfulness on the writer’s part.

To ensure that the end result of a well-written project is achieved, you will want to make sure that you select a purposeful persuasive thesis statement that can easily be backed with research that is strong and factual. When a writer plans to convey a particular message in statements of this nature, it is extremely important that they have a direct purpose that is not just targeted, but it needs to be clearly understood by each reader as well.

A good idea that you will want to consider when writing your persuasive thesis statement would be to describe as many ideas as you possibly can. To drive the point home on statements like this, each and every idea that you describe will need to have solid facts that can clearly be shown from the research that you have acquired. You need to ensure that there are no questions that remain open-ended, on any of the specific ideas and facts that you plan to include.

When a writer’s ideas have been written with heartfelt conviction, and the reader can easily pick up on the thoughtfulness of the writer, a persuasive thesis statement is more likely to end up with results of acceptance. When a writer takes care to invest enough time in the presentation they are presenting, and remains focused on the manner in which it is presented, a positive reaction is much easier to achieve.

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